1 Organize and unite workers engaged in enterprises that fall within the jurisdiction of the GAWU into locals under the direction and authority of the National Union

2 Provide an organizational vehicle for the united expression of the views of its members and for securing united action on all issues affecting its members and the National Union.

3 To defend and promote trade union rights and to bargain collectively with employers within its jurisdiction, administer collective agreements and negotiate with any other organization or agency with a view:

  • To improve the working and service conditions of its members as well as any other conditions relating to their employment or non-employment
  • To secure high wage and other enhanced remuneration for its members
  • To secure and retain employment for its members
  • To regulate relations and settle disputes between employees and employers
  • To safeguard the health and safety of its members
  • To promote the education, training and retraining of its members

4 Safeguard the unity and independence of the National Union and the Trade Union movement generally

5 Foster the spirit of patriotism, civic responsibility and a culture of work and productivity among its members